YAXS: Malamute de Alaska - Website of the alaskan malamute in Spain

Posted by: marcosjavieron 2008/2/14 9:45:18 8254 reads
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Malamute de alaska (www.malamutedealaska.com) is a web portal dedicated to the wonderful world of malamutes (alaskan malamute in English).
It is a necessary reference point for all those who want to learn about the race.
This web has been developed with Xoops, with excellent results in its ease integration and implementation.

In this web, are sections created about the malamute as: curiosities, news, interviews, forums, photo gallery, documents, links, etc..

At this site we talk about all aspects of malamute, from breeding, exhibitions, and of course without ever forgetting that the malamute is a working dog, selected for the Mushing, and an excellent example for pulling.
The malamute is not only a dog company, is an excellent dog adventure.

Come and visit this interesting site, created on the magnificent xoops.