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Posted by: wishcrafton 2008/2/7 11:20:15 7424 reads

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SEO Solutions from Chronolabs, we have resourced the best SEO Company to promote and rerank your website, we have spent thousands of dollars trialling out various service to find which ones offer the best value for money.

The site isn't finished yet we still have alot more optimization to do including restucturing of the URL Path. But for the moment the site is up and running. We have 4 tools that we currently offer for SEO optimization which include: keyword density, competitor analysis, position checking as well as a basic free submission to search engines.

The SEO Process is a long and complicated one, for example you have to change your access paths to suit the search engines and introduce link anchoring, ie. http://www.seo-solutions.co.in/modules/freetools/index.php?id=4 is changed to http://www.seo-solutions.co.in/freetools/Simple_Submission

This is done with a .htaccess file and some changes to your php to support new access paths.

When you do this, none of the structure in Xoops changes only the access path which the ModRewrite in .htaccess controls. Keep an eye on this site over the next few months you will notice as we develop it further the structure in the search engines will change.

So Sign up today, For SEO Forum etc, with xoops!! We are looking to build a community of SEO Professionals for XOOPS, for hire and for service of the xoops community! You will find some articles in the forum, under my profile of some SEO Principles in todays busy world