Themes: Highligt in tables

Posted by: alain01on 2008/2/1 12:39:59 6224 reads Hello, You often use tables in your pages, and sometimes the reading of many lines and columns is not not easy. There is a means very simple to make definitely more readable your tables. This method is ultra-simple, any Javascript line, completely integrated with your theme cause you use 2 well-known classes, even and odd.
 LigneJour  Température (°C)Pluviométrie (ml)
 Indice de confiance
 3  Tuesday 12 0 4
4 Wednesday 16 30 3
 5 Thurday 19 20 3
See method below... Method: For each line of your table, c'est with saying, for each element HTML [ i]< tr>[/i ], write this:
<tr class="even" onmouseout="this.className='odd';" onmouseover="this.className='even';">
That's all! There is a small alternative: If you wish that the line be transformed at the time of your 1st mouseover, then remove in the < tr>, element "class=even". Here, the result:
 LigneJour  Température (°C)Pluviométrie (ml)
 Indice de confiance
 3  Mardi 12 0 4
4 Mercredi 16 30 3
 5 Jeudi 19 20 3