Themes: My latest Theme - Blue Ice theme - need opinions

Posted by: smfuseron 2008/1/21 16:02:04 15417 reads Hi all :) I've just finished a new theme, - Blue Ice Theme.

I have put it on a cpl of my sites and although it's not available for download as yet, I thought I would post about it here to get opinions on it.

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Read more for some snapshots of the custom system templates and other areas which you don't see unless logged in. Please take a moment to vote in the Blue Ice Theme poll on main page of My Site too :) thanks.

Some custom system templates snapshots..

Site Closed
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Userform (what you see after clicking on 'lost password' link in login box. Custom Login box also visible in this one)
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Userinfo (for when logged in and viewing your profile. I put a scroll box at the bottom to house the links to areas of site the user has posted on, to avoid a long vertical list)
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Redirect page
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Header as seen by Guest
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Header as seen by logged in member (has user menu on it)
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As mentioned this Blue Ice Theme isn't available for download just yet. I'm thinking of adding a couple more things to it maybe, but I'm also thinking of making this one my first 'paid' theme if it's received well enough. Or i'll just make it another free theme.

I've tested it in IE6 and latest Firefox and it works and displays the same in each. It's also been tested on XOOPS and 2.0.18 works. Like every theme, make sure you don't put images that are too big into a block, coz it will push things out of alignment a bit.

Anyway, I hope this Theme is well received and please vote in the Blue Ice Theme Poll on my main page :) Thanks. My Main SMF Forums is where I will post my new Themes as well as on my main site.

Oh, and a friend of mine came up with the name for this Theme, and I didn't check to see if any others had same name so apologies if the name resembles any other theme. I made all the images and logos myself in PSP7.

Thanks again and I hope you like it. tc l8r t8rs :)

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