YAXS: GuitarGearHeads.com Redesigned!

Posted by: dlhon 2008/1/15 15:57:46 6517 reads Greetings Xoopsers!

GuitarGearHeads.com is a large guitar oriented website reaching nearly 150,000 unique users a month with about 2.5 million page views. We have been using Xoops since inception (2003) and have gone through two redesigns in that time.

We have really enjoyed using Xoops due to its simplicity, configurability, and relative security. We also consistently rank in the top #1 - #3 spots in Google for all our search terms without tons of "SEO". We just publish great content, isn't that what it's about?

We recently unveiled a new theme at GGH that we wanted to share with everyone. Take a peek here: http:/www.guitargearheads.com

Here is a screenshot of the new theme:

Resized Image

It is built on a modded Xoopsdesign.com theme. I freely endorse them - they make great themes that are fast loading and complete.

We run mostly stock modules and use a few creative table tricks to keep the site from looking too "nuke".

We hope you'll pop over for a visit. Thanks to the Xoops community for helping us be successful.