YAXS: MultiXoops - What a great CMS is Xoops

Posted by: wishcraftOn 2007/12/26 4:10:00 5653 reads
Well I have been working on a MultiXoops, it got banned off the MSN Network while in development due to the upgrade from xoops 2.0.13 to xoops 2.0.16, this was a result of the system of meta tagging changing, they all had the same description and keywords for a couple of months before I noticed.

However you know how people say there is so much money to make out of the Porn and Escort industry, well I decided to make a MultiXoops as an experiment in this field to see if there was any money to make from it..

The site consists of 16 domains, all with an area category control class that separates the data between the domains, it pretty kewl, if an escort is on tour by changing the location of there ad they change domain and the search engine picks it up in the sitemap.php file and reindexs'

The important thing about doing this is search engine cleaning with a 301 redirection. As a 301 will remove a link from advanced search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. It would be good to see some sort of redirection type in the xoops class libraries for this, so when a link times out it is removed and the system will automatically clean up..

Well instead of spamming I will give you one of the URL, the theme is by www.xoopdesigns.com, ana made me a styling interface for it. This website is what lead to the MakePayment module as I need someway to bill adult and there are very few people that offer this service on the web..

Have a look: