Modules: WF-Channel v2.00c RC and WF-Resource v1.001 Released

Posted by: Catzwolfon 2007/12/21 8:22:08 5676 reads
Important: This contains information to the following modules:

WF-Channel v2.00c RC
WF-Resource v1.01

In the last release of WF-Channel there were some serious flaws in the package itself. Normally I would release some update files but in this case I decided against doing so.

This issue fixes two main issues,

a) Mysql File: The wrong mysql file was released with this package and this 'renders' the module useless for those doing a fresh install.

b) 2.25 Compatibility: There were some compatibility issues for those people using Xoops 2.25 and this has now been fixed.
See changelog to both modules.

There were also minor changes and bugfixes to WF-Channel.

WF-Channel V2.00c RC
WF-Resource V1.01