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Posted by: jeffgron 2007/10/4 19:48:49 6275 reads

Hi everyone,

SlickTheme is a slicked up version of the default Xoops theme, with Ajax tabs embedded. You can use these tabs as a dynamic menu to present drop-down submenu links, graphics, or any other kind of content.

Tested in FF, IE6 & far so good. You can use this theme with or without the Ajax tab navigation.

With Tabs:

This theme has the Ajax tabs embedded by deault. All you have to do to use the Ajax tabbed version is to add your root URL to several places in the theme code, as described in the README file. I couldn't use <{$xoops_url}> due to the way the Ajax script works.

Without Tabs:

  1. Simply save "theme_notabs.html" as "theme.html"
  2. Delete "menupages" and "ajaxtabs" folders

Demo and Download

Slick Theme Demo
Slick Theme Download

Critial comments welcomed & appreciated!