Developer News: 2 plugins smarty for Xoops against spambots

Posted by: DuGrison 2007/9/23 23:21:31 6654 reads
xoEmail: Converts email for a simple protection against spambots.
With this plugin you can modify the address email with value of replacements which you will have configured.

Quote: => duchemin [your value] free [your value] fr => duchemin [AT] free [DOT] fr

You can also add new value of replacements which will enable you to transform for example the .fr into [your value].

Quote: => duchemin [AT] free [FRANCE]

xoEmailImage : Converts email into captcha image for a simple protection against spambots.

Resized Image

This plugin uses the GD library, if this one is not installed, it’s the plugin smarty xoEmail which will take over.

You can configure the creation of the image by modifying the values of the file of configuration.

Documentation :

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