YAXS: Theatreport Celebrates 4 years Using XOOPS with re-launch

Posted by: DobePhaton 2007/9/20 19:09:37 5294 reads
Resized ImageTheatre Port, a Houston based, online theatre magazine/resource celebrates its fourth year using XOOPS with a new design and layout. For 4 years Theatre Port has been using XOOPS to offer a free supportive website for man y of the city's (houston , tx) diverse non-profit theatre scene.

Accessible under both spellings of theatre-TheatrePort offers organizations with limited resources an opportunity to promote their events, seek volunteers and post audition and job notices. The site not only features user submitted press releases but also events, research, resources, links and even columns. The site is free for registered members to use.

The integration of forums into XOOPS has also been a bonus, it allows our users a chance to argue, debate and often share stories and announcements. We utilize such features as a calendar, image gallery, news, special sections and many custom altered modules. In short, we have grown into a full fledged online community!

The site was first generated in 2002 and born as a XOOPS powered site in the spring of 2003. TheatrePort was born from the need for local coverage for the performing arts, particularly theatrical events. Many other sources of the local media simply were not covering the scene. The often over looked performing arts scene in Houston has grown immensely in the last decade and the all volunteer run TheatrePort has inspired organizations with 10x the budget (which is easy because we are really 100% volunteer) to get their act together and support the performing arts in Houston!

We owe a great deal of gratitude to the XOOPS community and a great number of people who have contributed to it, either through their modules or theme development over the years. So in short, we thank the entire XOOPS community for inspiring and driving us to create a user powered site that is grass roots in spirit and determined to always be free for it’s non-profit members.

A new look
Our new layout is based on the Zetareticuli theme, the foundation behind morphogenesis -We wound up blending old Zetareticuli with some modern morph ‘ elements, classic default elements and of course many of our old sites attributes.

Thanks to everyone for their continued work on XOOPS, keep it up!

We've been running volunteer for four years now and with even less of a team then we started off with. We know what its like to constantly produce something and expect nothing in return but gain simple satisfaction from it’s use and growth. Xoops has been and always will be an integral part of our sites success.

The spirit behind our site has always been inspired by the sense of community in XOOPS, the power of open source and the spirit of grass roots promotion. Whatever quarrels people may have from time to time, remember that you all have contributed to XOOPS in some way, and that in turn has spurned an endless cycle of creativity.

Here’s to the future-

Thank you, Everyone!

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We are still troubleshooting some of our sites elements and as always looking to improve its layout and functionality. We look forward to further participation in XOOPS in the future and to continue to serve our community and promote the infinite power behind the arts with a XOOPS powered site.

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