Modules: MpManager 2.6

Posted by: Lord_Venomon 2007/9/7 17:12:07 11369 reads
MpManager and a module of management message to deprive it include a new box to manage by file, by defect a file of reception, sending and a file of file then Admin. Can define the maximum number of personal file for the users. It include also an alarm for the new messages (by popup css, its, animation, or by image) and an alarm full box. It also makes it possible this to make notify of a new message by email and the upload of files included with the message sent.

• View by conversation (flat, conversation)
• Sorting of your message per date, subject, state (order asc or desc)
• Export (print, pdf or email)
• Multi-upload
• Block (new message 3 different posting) (contact online)
• Research in these messages
• Etc….

Modulate carried out by Venom under licence GPL.

• French
• English

Version supported
• Xoops 2.0.16 or more
• Xoops 2.2.4 or more

Venom with the assistance of MusS, and overmysoul

• GrosduNord
• Aproape
• Kraven30, Eparcyl92 (Frxoops)

Support (site of the author)

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To download MpManager 2.6