YAXS: Xoops makes it easier

Posted by: ecolipson 2007/8/28 22:47:11 5835 reads

Eskisehir City Portal Eskport.comI have designed lots of great sites with Xoops. Xoops is the easiest way to build a web portal and realy very flexible. I have changed nearly all of the template files of Xoops modules on my Eskisehir City Portal Eskport.com . Now I have different types of blocks on every module.

On an other site I tried some search engine optimization techniques and xoops was perfect again.

I tried to build a profile based myspace like site on ertx.com with xoops but it was not possible. So I tried a different script but now I'm working on a bridge to run xoops under my script.

So if do this I will use the power and flexibility of xoops under the profile based script.