YAXS: Two new municipal sites by ComunaNet

Posted by: menochion 2007/8/9 18:42:22 4831 reads
ComunaNet published two new sites for Chilean municipalities: Pichidegua and Hualaihue

The two municipalities are rural municipalities in the south of Chile. The future Web masters were trained by ComunaNet in all Xoops details. They are able to arrange their Web appearance in the future on it´s own.

If other municipalities in Latinamerica should have interest to have a new Webpage or change their existing Webpage to XOOPS, ComunaNet will be at any time gladly to help. The consultation, further training, installation and the webspace are free.

The project "Web information in the country" is one of the projects of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Latinamerica.