YAXS: Eumathos: To speed up your learning processes

Posted by: instantzeroon 2007/8/2 11:09:56 6594 reads
Instant Zero is happy to announce you that a new Xoops website is open, Eumathos

Who is Eumathos?

Eumathos answers the needs of organizations and individuals who wish to speed up their learning processes. - To organizations: Eumathos offers consulting and training services in the fields of e-learning, blended learning and knowledge engineering. - To f2f trainers: we offer training in "distance learning" and associated services. - To e-xperts: we offer help in e-xpertise formalization, and training in the use of tools to communicate at a distance. Eumathos, is not only a service company, it is a community of practice with a collaborative vision of learning. "We are always alone when we learn, but we never learn without others". This site will be open to those who are specialists of interventions at a distance (e-learning, e-xpertise, animation of virtual communities of practices). This is what guided us in the selection of tools to create this site. You want to take part? That's easy, just contact us! This site was created by Instant Zero, your specialist for Xoops solutions.
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