Modules: News version 1.54

Posted by: instantzeroon 2007/6/25 17:53:02 8866 reads
Instant Zero is happy to announce the release of the version 1.54 of our Xoops module, News.
This version is mainly a maintenance version but we recommend you to upgrade to this new one.

What is the News modules ?
The Xoops News module is a very professional module that you can use to manage the news
of your website (if you are using Xoops)
You can get more informations about it here :

Where can I get it ?
You can get the module : here
What version of Xoops ?
You can use Xoops 2.0.x, Xoops 2.2.x and Xoops Cube

How to install or upgrade ?
Get the module's archive, uncompress it, copy the files to your website and install it.
If you are upgrading from a previous version, after you have copied the files, upgrade the
module in the Xoops modules manager.

Changes in the language defines ?
Yes, they were some changes in the language defines. See the file lang.diff for this

How to get help ?
You can get help and suggest some features, or report some bugs, here : ... bex/viewforum.php?forum=1


> Added a missing picture in the Dojo toolkit used to create fun menus in the module's administration
> Added some tests so that the module does not reveals its path
> In the "Top news" block you can now see the avatar of the user who's story is at the spotlight
> The block used to show a scrolling list of the topics ("News Topics") should use much less SQL queries
> A bug correction in the file /xoops/modules/news/class/class.newstopic.php
> You have a new notification based on stories published in a given category (thank you very much Lankford for this)
> It was possible to post a comment for a non existent article !
> I have added some new translations in the file /xoops/modules/news/language/english/modinfo.php (see the file lang.diff)
and a new file in /xoops/modules/news/language/english/mail_template/category_newstory_notify (this file is a copy of