Themes: MWR Global

Posted by: JMorrison 2007/6/19 9:19:58 13681 reads
Resized ImageTarget Audience: Seasoned XOOPS Users
Required Version: XOOPS 2.0.x
Description: The MWR Global theme is a clean, 2 column, table less layout with a nice professional appearance. Enhancements in this theme that you will not see elsewhere are the addition of the Google Translation links (flags) and the Social Bookmarking links. These are only minor additions, but they make a big difference when you are running either an International site or a social site.

If you are comfortable working with tableless XOOPS designs and you know you're way around the XOOPS theme engine, this theme is a good starting point for a standards-compliant, tableless layout.


Download HERE!