Security: Easyhosting to consider withdrawal of support for Xoops

Posted by: chippyashon 2007/6/3 23:39:42 13982 reads
Following a hack on one of our websites, the site hosters have claimed that the hack occured because of insecurity in the Xoops systems.

To quote Easyhosting

I think it very likely that we would not host xoops any longer on any of our servers.

Now you have to take this with a little pinch of salt as the only hacks that have experienced by us have been on Easyhosting's servers. (Other sites are run on a different hosters.) Easyhosting have been asked to provide details (in detail) of the security breaches and the response is awaited. We might be waiting a long time.

In the meantime and (not effected yet but on the same hosters) need a fast and free home for 3-6 months while this stuff gets sorted.

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