Themes: Release of Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis - version 2.0

Posted by: kris_frOn 2007/5/23 22:10:00 13656 reads

Xoops France and are happy to bring you a new version of the theme template of Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis, validate W3C in XHTML 1.0 and CSS 1/2.
This project provided by many members of the Xoops community brings in its version 2.0 with important innovations.

Amongst the main ones we can mention:

  • regrouping of the body of the structure in a div “xo-wrapper”.
  • reorganisation of the structure of the header with the addition of a div “xo-top” which can be used for example to put fields of log-on, research fields on the site,
  • language option of the site in the event of a multilingual site, marquee, breadcrumbs, etc… we know that you will be able to show imagination; the whole of the contents of the header is henceforth gathered in a div “xo-header”.
  • possibility of personalising the templates "system_redirect.html" and "system_siteclosed.html" in the "override" of the theme for the module system. For this functionality, the amendment of the xoops core was necessary (files "common.php" and "functions.php" in the file "include").
  • addition of "define" of language in files HTML of the theme, this will make it possible to carry out the translations of the themes easily and to homogenise the infos of those in the event of use of multi-themes. If you want to add or amend these "define", the amendments are to be brought in the file theme.php of the files of language to the root of your site (language/french/theme.php, language/english/theme.php, etc…).
  • to begin the amendment from this theme to the standards of accessibility, we included a script allowing to amend the font-size. This script already was used by some designers of themes and was incorporated in the package "JsEffects" of Kris.
  • the directory and files of the images and icons were reorganised for a facilitated re-use of these files.

The other amendments relate to the “class” and “id” of CSS, and would require an encyclopaedia to describe to you all the conceivable possibilities of personalisation with this template of theme. Simple lines:

<body id="<{$xoops_dirname}>" class="<{$xoops_langcode}>"><br />
$xoBlocks.canvas_left and $xoBlocks.canvas_right}><{assign var=columns_layout value='threecolumns-layout'}><br />
$xoBlocks.canvas_left}><{assign var=columns_layout value='leftcolumn-layout'}><br />
$xoBlocks.canvas_right}><{assign var=columns_layout value='rightcolumn-layout'}><br />
br />
div id="xo-wrapper" class="<{$xoops_dirname}>"><br />
div id="xo-bgstatic" class="<{$xoops_dirname}>"></div><br />
div id="xo-canvas"<{if $columns_layout}> class="<{$columns_layout}>"<{/if}>><br />
div id="xo-header" class="<{$xoops_dirname}>">

we already considered some of them some… more will be in the FAQ of the Laboratory and will be the object without any doubt of video tutorials.

It is necessary now that the designers of modules take into account this structure HTML and CSS in their works.
Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis associated with the package "JsEffects" to bring negotiable tools to your theme or your modules used, and will enable you to carry out sites in the current fashion of the Web.

Concerning the development of this template of theme, we can consider that with the actual position it has all the basics necessary to allow the realisation of quality themes, the proof is the recent publication of many themes on the basis of this template; for this reason, the next major release will be the portability with Xoops 2.3.

Our work will be now centered on the personalisation of the interface of the administration of Xoops, but this is another history, which hope for we it will be short.
However, we will propose themes regularly based on this theme but also of the “code sample” to personalise your themes, we think for example of proposing models of horizontal or vertical menus CSS.

You can download Mor.pho.GEN.e.sis 2 at this adress, to visualise it on Theme
Currently, the zip file containing the files of the theme, has the French translations and English, the file will be upgraded progressively realisation of those by the various communities.

Its support (in French and/or English) will be mainly assured on the site the Laboratory but also on Xoops France and, which has of a Wiki and a FAQ on this theme like on the use of the package "JsEffects" in Xoops.