Modules: Release of Formulize 2.3 RC1 - a Form Creation Module

Posted by: jegelstaffon 2007/5/22 8:40:57 9530 reads
Formulize 2.3 RC1 has been released, featuring big performance improvements, and an exciting new "screen" system that gives you point-and-click control over how lists of entries should be displayed. Customizing applications has never been so simple.

You can get the latest files here: This release features several big new features, including lists of entries that are broken down into pages, and new form elements such as the Colorpicker, thanks to Inbox International, and "derived values" that lets you calculate a value based on what users have typed into a form. But unquestionably, it's the "screen" system that stands out. Up till now, if you wanted to do anything custom or unique, you had to install Pageworks, and write some PHP code. It wasn't that hard, but it was still work. With the "screen" system, 90% of what you used to need Pageworks for, you can now do through a graphical interface on the admin side of Formulize. Here's just some of the things you can customize using only your mouse and no code:
  • How many entries per page
  • The default "saved view" for a form
  • Whether users can click through to the details of an entry
  • Whether "quicksearch" boxes appear at the top of the list of entries
  • Whether headings appear at the tops of columns
  • Whether any fields should be displayed as editable form elements in the list or not
  • What text should appear on what buttons (or whether the buttons should even appear in the first place)
  • The layout of buttons and searchboxes above or below the list of entries
  • The layout of each row in the list of entries itself
  • .....
And if that's not enough, you can create your own "custom buttons" to include in any list of entries. For have a Task List form and you want a "Done!" button to appear on each row of a list of tasks, and when it's clicked today's date should be set as the completion date for that particular task. No problem. This and just about any other custom behaviour can be created using the flexible, new "custom button" feature. This release also marks the beginning of Formulize integration with the Drupal CMS. Included are instructions for running Drupal and XOOPS in tandem on the same domain, and displaying Formulize screens inside Drupal page nodes. We are very excited to get this evolutionary and revolutionary release out the door. We hope it introduces a new way of making applications to many, many people. Thanks for reading! --The Freeform Solutions Team