Themes: Xoops - PHPizabi Theme for discussion

Posted by: attockon 2007/4/13 19:21:40 25751 reads
After reading a topic on xoops website about how great PHPizabi script was, I was motivated to bring new look to xoops. I am not a professional designer, so I stole\copied PHPizabi's themes and modified it. Though its unethical to do so. But every time I goto xoops website I would see typical xoops themes. I think we need to bring some new techinquies and design to xoops layout.

You can watch the actual theme in work at I am also working on user profile template, I have edited some you can watch at I will submit user profile template aswell when I am done.

Please note that this theme doesn't come with perfect documentation. But I would really appreciate if our theme team would come up with sumthing kool (other than usual so what boring themes).

I still feel guilty for modifing PHPizabi's code :\

You can download this file here