YAXS: HelpXOOPS.info Announcement

Posted by: rabideauon 2007/3/9 20:50:17 4671 reads
This announcement is from rabideau & carnuke...

We are very pleased to announce the Grand Opening of HelpXOOPS.info; HelpXOOPS is an independent website provided to support and enhance the greater " XOOPS" community (XOOPS and XOOPScube) experience. Both developers and users alike will find many useful facilities here. HelpXOOPS is dedicated to providing both a web presence and positively motivated community focused on the development, evolution and use of XOOPS/XOOPScube (aka. greater XOOPS) as well as XOOPS-related modules, hacks, themes, and more. It is a place where those who want to help grow, test, and mature the greater XOOPS world, XOOPS-related environments, and tools can come together and "Just Do It".

As most of you know, one of the loudest and most frequent requests from XOOPSers everywhere is the need for more reliable and accessible information. Information that is better organised and more readily available. These same XOOPSers have expressed a willingness to be involved in a community focused on co-operative efforts to "help out".

HelpXOOPS is just such a community. It is a place for contributing information, experimenting with ideas, and demonstrating new concepts in a safe non-production environment. So, if you have a good idea about something that you want to share with your peers, this is the place to voice it and see it implemented. The HelpXOOPS effort places considerable emphases on member input. HelpXOOPS is not just a think-tank where ideas ferment or fizzle out. We have set up clear and OPEN opportunities for members to contribute. Members are not limited to just one or two ways of helping either! We provide a variety of ways to suit each individual XOOPSer. You are only limited by your energy.

HelpXOOPS will forever be a work in progress... our progress!

Please go to http://helpxoops.info and register. We welcome and enthusiastically look forward to your involvement.

carnuke & rabideau