Modules: Release of GoogleMaps 0.82

Posted by: Marcoon 2007/2/19 22:05:24 8459 reads
After few weeks of coding break, googlemaps works started again. A new version of GoogleMaps has been released.

What's new in this version :
- security fixes : we strongly advise you to update your module with this latest release
- speed display increase
- bug fixes and an activation of a new feature
Some changes have been applied to language files.
A version dedicated to xoops 2.2x users will be released soon.

Changelog (english)
Version 0.82 (Marco) - 17/02/07
- many security fixes, that work permitted me to improve my knowledge in that area (thx hervé)
- Notice: Undefined variable: pentry : suppression message bug
- add indexes on tables (read readme file for upgrade instructions)
- fix for mysql 5, add alias on a join instruction
- instructions set in module preferences are now displayed on index page

Download GoogleMaps 0.82

Installation : please read carefully instructions of readme.txt file.
Upgrade : please read instruction set in upgrade.txt file.

We will work in the next weeks on rewrite of the end user point's management page, and will move functions to a dedicated directory(include). At that time, we will introduce the url per point feature.
Progressively, this module will become a real xoops module. This will be the version 1.0.

Have fun