Themes: BlueHue XOOPS Theme

Posted by: JMorrison 2007/2/13 5:40:00 7480 reads Resized ImageThe bluehue theme is not a fancy theme. Instead, this theme is specifically meant to illustrate what the “average” XOOPS user can accomplish with a little creativity and a few hours work, with minimal XHTML customization and only average CSS skill. This theme employs the traditional table-based, 4-column layout and is fully compatible with XOOPS 2.0.16 and earlier 2.0.x versions.

There are no advanced XHTML/CSS/SMARTY hacks employed in this design. The most advanced aspect of this design is the usage of one small CSS hack to correct a minor width issue in IE 6 with regards to the xoopsCode and xoopsQuote classes. Other than that, only basic CSS was used to produce this theme. What few graphics are used in this design can easily be reproduced using most modern graphics manipulation utilities that support basic gradients, including Fireworks and Photoshop.

The objective of this design is not to “wow” users, but to provide a clean, standards compliant and usable base from which users can gain inspiration and further customize to suite their sites. While there are many more advanced examples of XOOPS themes, it is my hope that the average (and even beginner) designer will look at this theme and glean a small bit of inspiration that will inspire them to take XOOPS design to the next level.

I hope you enjoy this theme and gain, at least, a minor bit of inspiration in its design. Please see the included README.txt for license and support information.