Themes: BDWTheme3 Released

Posted by: BDWon 2007/2/2 0:17:26 5068 reads BDWTheme has now been released

Resized Image

Fixed width theme with larger side blocks (300 px width ads can be placed in them).


* Fixed Width
* Larger width in side blocks.
* Background image in masthead can be changed to another one
* All important text resizable in ALL browsers.
* Menu in Header. Also editable to suit your own site within theme.html.
* User Menu in header also editable within theme.html.
* Does not squash logo.
* Bottom Blocks compatible.
* If any of you find any problems with this theme then please report it at

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Graphic Designers - Advertising opportunity

Our new them, BDWTheme3, has a new masthead image within the images folder. This can be replaced by any image of the correct size.

This is your opportunity to advertise your website by designing new masthead images

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