Modules: New module "Power link to us" available in english and spanish

Posted by: ipwgcon 2007/1/18 9:52:26 6036 reads
I have developed the modulate "Power link to us"
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1. This module is ready in english and spanish
Resized Image<br>
To see the module working in english go here

Resized Image<br>
To see the module working in spanish go here

2. I made all the clipart in gif to expose the two languages
Example: 234x60 Half Banner Link
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3. The modulate comes with 2 blocks
4. The power link to us offers a section to place the partner's link.
See the partner section click here

5. To control the Spam the block appears in blue color, (don't appears the url address)
6. The modulate comes with an easy box to copy the code and to paste in the sites.

NOTE: In order to release the module I need your help to solve a little problem. Only the webmaster can place the url in the database. I need the module working for the visitors can place their websites in the partners section.

To check the modulo donwload here

Thank you in advanced for any help.
David Yanez