Modules: Buddyfriends returns... but somewhat crappy

Posted by: jordi_rcon 2007/1/5 19:10:00 6476 reads

Buddyfriends is a module for users to have a list of friends. It tells if they are online, makes a sound when a friends posts a PM, and you can send them too, and add or remove friends.

My page at Xoops developer site has been aprobed.
I fixed many bugs and added new online and message display with avatar in Xoops Buddyfriends module.

It works nicely for me on Xubuntu Linux with PHP 5 and Xoops 2.0.15

But it is known that it throws errors and doesn't work for people that use PHP 4.

So I encourage all people to test this module, and say if it works for them and what OS, Xoops and PHP do you use.

I also will appreciate so much if someone wants to rule this project, as I have no time at all for this, and I did not do the original project, so I don't know how to fix this problem. It was impossible to find the original developer. Maybe we all together may fix this, if we join our php knowledge.
If not, I will be very happy to give this project to someone more expert in php and who has much more time than me.

The project url is this:

So long,

Jordi R. Cardona.

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This module requires PHP 5