Themes: A fixed sized single column theme

Posted by: masshostnetOn 2007/1/2 12:26:56 6558 reads
Resized ImageThis template is designed for sites which don't need or have little or no user interaction. Mainly for informational purposes. It's key purpose is to let the site owner use the powerful yet userfriendly abilities of the Xoops 'back office' system to maintain the site without reliance on a Webmaster.

It is fixed size at 800w x 580h and uses a single background image for each page. Smarty switches determine which background is displayed. Many variations can be done with this method.

The buttons are images which use a rollover javascript for motion effects.

Only the center column is used within a scrolling DIV so there are limits to it's use. This demo only makes use of the 'Easypage' module and contact module. Significant CSS editing will be needed to work with various modules as it is designed to let the background standout.

The linear usermenu is also used

See and download it