Modules: News 1.50 and Instant Zero

Posted by: herveton 2006/12/1 10:50:00 17504 reads
I am very pleased and very proud to present you a new version of the Xoops News module.

Contrary to what I had decided, this new version brings many new functionalities.

The first good news for you, users of this module, is that you will not have to wait
for the version 2.

I wanted to completly rewrite the module's code (in the version 2) before to add
some new functionalities but it requires a very important amount of work, that's
why I have decided to add some of them now to this new version wich can be
considered as an intermediate release.

As a result, it is labeled 1.50 and not 1.45

In a certain manner, I'm following the steps of the Xoops Core with its serie of
versions 2.0.x before the big new one.

The News module is coming with really many new and innovative features.

As used, there is a set of bugs corrections but you will see some very
interesting new possibilities in the module.

The second good news is that we have created our Open Source Internet company,
Instant Zero, and this one will assume the module's development, spread
and support.

Instant Zero is composed of four famous french Xoopsers, Christian, Marco,
Philou and myself

My other modules, like Newbbex, Marquee, Shortcuts, MyIframe, iSearch, UserPage
and Boox will be also developped, supported and spread out by our company.