YAXS: XOOPSinfo.com: Now Online!

Posted by: JMorrison 2006/11/25 4:31:32 5700 reads Introduction

XOOPSinfo was born out of a desire to provide a centralized portal where XOOPS users, developers, designers, and professional service providers could join together and share information, resources and promote their products and services.


* We believe that keeping up to date with the latest developments in the world of XOOPS should be simple.
* We believe that you should be able to find all the information your need to keep your XOOPS powered site up to date in one place.
* We believe that just because XOOPS code is Open Source, it does not mean that developers, designers, and professional service providers cannot charge a nominal fee for their time and expertise.

We are exited about this opportunity to develop a site that, we hope, will prove to be a tremendous resource for all XOOPS users. In order to maximize the usefulness of this site for you, we need your feedback. If this site does not offer the resources you are looking for, please feel free to make a suggestion. Also, if you feel you can do something better than we are, by all means, volunteer to help. We want this site to be a true community resource. We are always interested in working with others to build the ultimate XOOPS information portal.

Best Regards,

James Morris
XOOPSinfo Admin