Modules: Conjecture - replacement for comments

Posted by: MithrandirOn 2006/10/31 10:57:28 12921 reads
Have you ever thought that it is annoying with comments being different from the discussion forums?

Have you ever experienced double-postings in both comments and discussion forums?

Well, Cusix Software has a possible solution: Conjecture.

Conjecture adds a block with comments that are actually forum topics - residing in a forum that is configured through the administration.

That way, you won't need a separate comments block for some discussions and a block for forum topics, fragmenting discussions and encouraging double-postings.

Download here

Install the module, assign forums to modules through the administration, and enable the comments block (I suggest a bottom center placement) and you are all set.

The module requires PHP 5

The module is tested with CBB 3.05 and 3.07, other versions are not guaranteed to work

You must grant module access to Conjecture for posting - but there is no reason to have it in the main menu

Support for some modules is included - it is very easy to extend with even more modules - and next thoughts go in the direction of allowing e.g. the News module to have different forums assigned to different news topics. However, currently there is only one forum possible for each module.