YAXS: Launchpad Israel

Posted by: AiandaOn 2006/10/12 19:32:49 5575 reads

This site is my second major Xoops site after building groovetip (now closed) a couple of years ago. For this new site, I scoured the web for alternative 'web 2.0' CMSs and came up with ModxCMS. A couple of years ago, I would have chosen that over Xoops as it's the new "thing."

But, Xoops does everything I need and I am happy running thus confident with stability, and also with the Xoops Protector module from Peak Japan I am overall confident that my work won't go to waste so easily through malicious attack or bugs.

This site is an investor matching site, attracting potential investors to Israel, which is a hotbed for IT investment, with many companies ultimately listing on the Nasdaq.