Developer News: Module/Theme authors please read! :o)

Posted by: Anonymouson 2002/7/23 13:20:00 5592 reads
To make classifying & reognizing files easier for everyone, it's strongly suggested that module & theme authors adapt their way of naming files.

By looking at a file, one should know right away what kind of file it is (module, theme, block, hack), the version of xoops it works with, and the revision of the file itself.

Is the suggested convention.

A file compatible with both RC2 & RC3 could be named something like:

(Meaning its a theme compatible with rc2 or higher)

Compressed archives should also contain the needed directory structure to make installing things easier.

I.E. A module would be named like above, and inside the archive, the directory structure would be:


a theme on the other hand would look like:

Like this, as soon as the person unzips the file, he knows exactly where the files should go.

I really hope all adapt this new naming convention. As it will make things much cleaner and easier for all.

Cheers & Thanks!