Modules: Boox, a new module for Xoops

Posted by: herveton 2006/9/8 16:00:00 6805 reads Hello,

Boox (Blocks Out Of Xoops) is a module who's finality is to help you to manage content that Xoops can't access but wich is part of your site.

Typically, this content is created on the form of blocks wich are not parts of a Xoops module and that's also a content wich is, in general, placed in the theme.
With the module, you can create as many "virtual blocks" as you want, they are saved in files (the module does not use database) and you just need to call them in your theme with the following line of code :

<{php}>include_once XOOPS_UPLOAD_PATH.'/xoops_spotlight.html';<{/php}>
So it's possible to create a content you can modify without putting your hands in the theme (except the first time to write the include commands) The module is runing with all the editors you can use in Xoops : Spaw, Fck editor, Htmlarea, Tinyeditor et Kiovi Download You can download the module here and use it on a production site Installation and usage Install it as any other Xoops module then create all the blocks you want, the module will tell you what modification to do in your theme Example On this site, you will see, at the top, a example of its use Happy Xoops, Hervé