Modules: New Classified Ads (beta)

Posted by: jlm69on 2006/8/28 22:20:00 7579 reads
Classified Ads Module (Beta Version)

Since I created My jobs and Alumni Module from the myads module, I decided since many people seem to be looking for a classified ads module, maybe it was time to add my changes to the myads module.

I have taken the old myads module and updated it so it is like my jobs module.

What it has now

1. notifications
2. group permissions
3. You can name it whatever you want, before you install it.
4. You can set it so the user can choose how long the ad will last, if they are given the permission, otherwise it will be set to whatever you choose in the module preferences(default is 14 days).

There is no update script for the myads module, If you want to update an existing myads module contact me using the contact form on my site and I will tell you how to do it. IT WILL NOT WORK IF YOU JUST OVERWRITE AN EXISTING MYADS MODULE. ask me how to do it.

This can be installed with the myads module installed as long as you call it something different.

How to install

1. Unzip the file
2. Upload the folder Ads to your Xoops modules folder.
3. If you want to rename the module do it now, you can't change it after you install the module.
4. Go to Xoops Module Administration and install like normal.
5. Go to Ads Module administration and click on category maintenance, create your categories.
6. Go to Ads Module administration and click on Permissions and set up the following for each category.
A. View Ads Permissions - Select which groups can view Ads.
B. Ads Submit Permissions - Select which groups can submit Ads.
C. Ads Premium - Select which groups can set how long an ad will stay on the site until it is deleted. If they don't have permission it will default to whatever you set in the Ads Module preferences (default is 14 days).
7. Go to Ads Module administration and click on Preferences and set to your liking.
8. That should be it.

If you find any errors in this module please report them to me on my site, in the Classified Ads forum

Thank You,


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