Modules: xAsset - 0.92 Release & FLV Video Streaming Support

Posted by: McNazOn 2006/7/21 12:22:28 6489 reads
Please read our press release for full information about xAsset 0.92 and the new xStreamer FLV Video streamer plugin.

Please read the xAsset 0.92 release notes for all changes in this release.

Please download your copy from the xProjects xAsset page.

Please post all questions or support issues to the xAsset Support Forums. Please post all bug reports or feature requests to the xAsset Dev Tracker.

What is xAsset?

xAsset is a Xoops module designed for digital media sales and distribution. Initially this was designed for shareware authors but the module architecture has been extended to selling and distributing any digital asset such as MP3 files, EXE files or PDF documents. Anything that can be downloaded can be managed from xAsset.

xAsset also enables selling group membership, ideal for selling subscriptions to premium online content. Members can be viewed along side their membership expiry details. An exciting upcoming feature to xAsset will be to support videos and video pay per view specifically.