YAXS: BurnOutPC.com, been using Xoops for years now

Posted by: modkidon 2006/7/10 18:49:47 4872 reads
BurnOutPC was founded in 2001 when sites like Geocities and Homestead were becoming more popular because users were able to create their own free homepage. At that time casemodding was something new and spectacular.

BurnOutPC.com dates out of that time when there were not that many sites for Casemodding except for sites like Virtual-Hideout and Bit-Tech.

BurnOutPC.com had many changes to it's design and what system to use. BoPC used phpnuke, postnuke, and even tried a customized php site for a while, but eventually got comfortable with Xoops for overr +/- 2 years now.