YAXS: Liberals Only Launched

Posted by: ghettoneton 2006/6/22 11:21:50 5817 reads Xoops.org may need another catagory: Yet Another Xoops Site by GhettoNET - this is our 6th, with 2 more being released in the next two weeks. This site, Liberals Only, was designed to be a community for left-leaning people so they don't have to argue all the time. (No hard feelings really, we just want our own site).

It is the first site we've done that uses a theme by Xoopstuner (the xtnrEco theme), which proved to be one of the cleanest, easy to work with themes in our Xoops-site-making "career". We want to thank Xoops and all the core developers, module developers, and of course Xoopstuner for his awesome theme.