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Posted by: phpppon 2006/6/18 1:00:21 11641 reads The “Article” module is an advanced content management module for Xoops 2.0*, 2.2* and 2.30, with
* multi-category: one article could belong to multiple categories
* multi-page: one article could have multiple pages, each with its own subtitle, with navigation
* multi-template per module/category/topic/article: the module could have different template upon different usage; a category could have different templates for different layout or different management of article links; an article could have different templates for layout and behavior
* keywords/tags management: as an experiment for XOOPS tag system, the “article” enables keywords/tags management and presentation
* easy to clone: you can install as many as possible copies of the module with any desired dirname by setting a few parameters
* SEO URL rewrite: according to your server/apache support, use rewrited search engine friendly URL
* div+css tempalted: although it needs more tune, the article templates are completely div/css based
* and most important, completely XOOPS based

Download: article 0.95

Plz check details for “article” and “article” installation

How is “article” working (Check article 0.90 for previous sites):
In Chinese:
In English:

Article 0.95 (1.0 RC)
Release date: Jun 17th, 2006
1 Bugfix for a variety of bugs including the one in permission mamangement form and the one in admin area with module clone
2 Added permission template feature as what has been in CBB
3 Added tag list page
(As this is an unexpected release, detailed changelogs would come with next major release, which is expected to be 1.0)