Modules: Search 0.1 for Xoops was released

Posted by: damuczon 2006/6/15 13:27:55 7098 reads ABOUT

Module tries to clearly reimplement the common searching script in Xoops. The \search.php file doesn't use smarty (nor template engine),
is heavily used at the production and every Xoops implementation needs developers to make changes to this file. I tried to make it
"smarty" and remove this from the Xoops kernel. In this version, it should be equivalent substitute with no changes. In the future,
we plan to make more features like a configuration or module parameters (see TODO.txt).


1) simply copy search directory from this archive to the common web directory modules
2) do the module installation like usually
3) now you can use this module concurrently to basic search (XOOPS_URL/modules/search/search.php)
4) if you are going to replace whole search, choose a or b (you can do both, but doesn't make sense)
a) add the line from install/htaccess.add to your .htaccess file in your xoops root
b) copy install/search.php to your xoops root (make sure to do backup of the original search.php!!!)

Tested on 2.2.4, but should work on all versions, where module search API is the same as 2.2.4. I don't remember it's change. :))

Demo: (czech)
Download: downloads