Modules: Release of Formulize 2.1 RC1 - A Form Creation Module

Posted by: jegelstaffon 2006/5/31 8:20:50 7204 reads
Freeform Solutions is very pleased to announce that our form creation module, Formulize, has reached release candidate status with the 2.1 version (in our humble opinion).

Formulize lets you add custom forms to your XOOPS website, and search, sort and analyze the data that users submit. You can also save custom views of the data, and publish reports on the data to other users in your site.

Formulize works together with several other modules and patches to provide many other features for you site, that let you:

--Integrate with WF-Downloads 3.1, so you can have custom forms for each category of file

--Integrate with the account profile system so you can customize the questions in your site's account profile form

--Create custom presentations of forms, and of the data that users have entered, by using a companion module called Pageworks

With some PHP code in your Pageworks pages, Formulize and Pageworks become a powerful rapid application development toolset. We use them to develop custom applications for our not-for-profit clients, more quickly and with more flexibility than could be done by programming new modules.

Formulize was originally based on Formulaire. A huge "Thank you!!" to all the developers and the contributors to the modules that we have relied on and built on, and also to the developers and contributors to the XOOPS core. As usual, we stand on the shoulders of giants.

You can download Formulize, and all associated modules, patches, and documentation, here:
[shortcut to the website]


About Freeform Solutions: Freeform Solutions is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to helping other not-for-profit organizations expand their use of the Internet and computer technology.

By improving the technical capacity of not-for-profit organizations, Freeform Solutions believes it can help clients carry out their operations more efficiently than before; help clients provide services they were unable to provide before; and, in turn, increase the benefits our clients provide to the public.