YAXS: New site in xoops! Stefano's Network!

Posted by: slysson 2006/5/29 22:38:28 5415 reads
New site by xoops

Stefano's Network: a bridge between people and businesses across the ocean!


Stefano's Newtork was born in New York in 1998 when I started putting together people for networking parties. The network grew up with a huge web site, a newsletter (especially about jobs, rents, shares and sublets both in New York and in Italy), a Calendar of events, classifieds and a lot of people writing me asking for information about New York, traveling and moving to Italy or to the USA, looking for joint ventures, exposure and connections.

Stefano’s Network is like a gigantic bridge between places, companies and people of all races and nationalities and New York.
I hope you like it and you use it!

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Thanks at xoops... and thanks a lot at all community of xoops.org and xoopsitalia.org