Modules: Google Map Module Version 0.4

Posted by: PhatblokeOn 2006/5/19 14:02:21 16250 reads
At last after me being lazy and a fair few modifications I have made the module capable of using the Googlemap V2 which has the capabilities of heaps more features along with the main function of displaying a fair chunk of Europe.

Please read the readme as there is a sqlupdate to run as google have changed the way the zoom levels work so that in time they can add greater zooms with higher quality photos.

If there are any problems please let me know and I will try fix them. Either comment below or there is a forum here

Download the module from here


1. Just unpack and upload to modules directory as usual
2. Install in module administration
3. Configure module in prefs
4. Obtain an api for your site from google. Link is given in the config page.
5. Add your categories and points from the module menu.

1. Upgrade module in xoops admin
2. Run update script to adjust zoom levels
3. Login as admin and in preferences / google maps set a map type otherwise the sidebar will not display

Change log

Version 0.4
-Added code to handle V2 of the google API making europe maps available
-Added ability to choose a map type to display as default
-Fixed Shifted sidebar to the side of the map to help if categories get too big