Modules: Zen Cart Xoops Integration 0.3 (1.3)

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Zen Cart Xoops Integration 0.3
Zen Cart v1.3 - The Art of Ecommerce

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Normal module installation.
Be sure the "Use custom session" value in Preferences - System - General Settings is on.

The webserver should have write permissions on these folders:


Admin Url : /modules/shop/admin or you can access from the Xoops Admin through an iframe
Default Admin Username: admin
Default Admin Password: admin

UPDATING From Zen Cart Xoops
- Make a backup.

This release of zen cart have big changes in almost all the templates so if you have installed contributions
or customizations you must manually merge them later.

- Upload the module and replace files (Some files and folders can be removed, take a look at modules/shop/docs/2.readme_how_to_upgrade.html).
- Apply your sql patch in modules/shop/admin/sqlpatch.php

From 0.2 "mysql_upgrade_zencart_127_to_130.sql"

From 0.1 Both, in order.


1 Language Integration

The language selected in xoops will be the language shown in Zen Cart Xoops.
(You must manually install the adittional languages) Find yours in

2 Theme Integration
The "XoopsTheme" Template in Zen Cart lets you maintain the same aspect of the page for the shop Module.
(The theme selected in xoops must use correctly the variables xoops_showlblock, xoops_showrblock and

You can use the template variable $isshop to determine if the module is currently open through your theme.

3 Blocks Integration
Through the block "Zen Cart Blocks" you can select all the static sideboxes and some center boxes of Zen Cart.

The blocks must be rebuilt. (Modules - Zen Cart Xoops - Build Blocks Cache).

4 All the Zen Cart v1.3 features

People interested in making this module better send your request to join the project.

Support this project

1 - The Zen Cart Project -

- New Zen Cart 1.3
- Admin access from xoops admin page through an iframe
- Build Chache from xoops admin page through an iframe
- Option to install demo products in the admin
- Option to clean the catalog in the admin

- New Zen Cart 1.27d
- Patch for Mysql 5 compatibility
- Minor Fixes

- New Zen Cart 1.26d

- Contributions working
(Image Handler, Sub-category links, Product Short Descriptions Tested).
- Relative Paths Error
- No Xoops Theme in Popups

- Login Page error.
- Links not working in the Admin page

Carlos Devia (wwwcad)