YAXS: Xoops and the Windows Package Manager

Posted by: ghettoneton 2006/3/24 7:54:33 6103 reads
Our site has been up for a little while, but our project is just now getting stable enough to talk about it. The Windows Package Manager is an Open Source project to help people find, install, uninstall, and keep track of F/OSS software. XOOPS has been somewhat vital as the framework for the web side of the application. We have worked a database update tool into the XOOPS framework. This allows people to manage the software that's available in the program through the site. The XOOPS core has been invaluable in keeping everything orgranized and flowing, from the database to the development. This probably isn't the greatest looking XOOPS site, but it works, and it has yet to fail us. Thank you XOOPS, and all the really great community that stands behind it, we hope to somehow give something back.