Modules: ZentrackXoops (Final) Released

Posted by: dkeiron 2006/3/15 20:25:44 6018 reads

ZentrackXoops (Final) has now been released which includes a couple of new features since RC2 (see below).

ZentrackXoops is a Xoops port of zenTrack, a fully customizable help desk, bug tracking, and project management system. It works as a module of the Xoops CMS with full access and admin rights managed by Xoops Groups. Clean, simple interface, fully adaptable administration and nicely integrated to Xoops 2.0.x & 2.2.

This release incorporates the following major features:

- Added two Xoops Blocks: My Tickets, Quick Ticket (new since
- Implemented egate email gateway functionality (new since

- Module User Management screens with tighter integration with the Xoops user table
- Module administration moved to Xoops Admin System.
- Module and Admin access fully handled by Xoops Groups
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Filters to list window
- Updated contacts section
- Customizable multiple-select fields
- A few bug fixes

You can download this latest release from Sourceforge

Please post any questions or issues in the ZentrackXoops module forums on Sourceforge