Modules: XBS MetaTags V1 RC2 released

Posted by: chippyashOn 2006/3/10 21:58:52 5353 reads
Hot on the heels of RC1, comes this release that allows Xoops V2.2.4 installations to take advantage of the functionality.

XBS MetaTags provides on the fly meta keyword generation for Xoops sites to enhance their listing under many search engines

This module is intended for Xoops 2.0.13 and 2.2.4 However please note that the admin tab menu under V2.2 is not fully formed in appearance. It works though!

MetaTags is running on the following sites (V2.2.4)
Homeline Improvements (V2.0.13)
The Big Boys Curry Book (V2.0.13)

View page source to see effect on a variety of pages.

Download at Xoops Development Site
Please read the install.txt file in the module package.

Support at Xoobs TAGS support forum