YAXS: Two New XOOPtacular Gaming Fansites

Posted by: DevlshOneon 2006/3/2 16:54:14 5278 reads
Mednick Online Networks is proud to announce the birth of two new PC gaming fansites to join the network!

Company of Heroes Planet is another in the Relic Entertainment and THQ supported fansites - this one dedicated to the upcoming WWII Real Time Strategy title Company of Heroes. Who woulda guessed it?!

Mark of Chaos Planet follows Dawn of War Planet as the second MON fansite to promote the popular Warhammerâ„¢ universe. In development by Black Hole Entertainment and NAMCO, this RTS promises huge battle scenarios while not skimping on detailed eye-candy at the hand-to-hand combat level.

Please stop by either of these new additions at your convenience. Big thanks to the XOOPS team for a reliable, secure and highly customizable CMS that enable MON to contribute so much to the PC gaming community.