Modules: IMDb PHP Class 0.4 (XOOPS Module) Just Released !

Posted by: Geniuson 2002/6/7 2:19:51 5515 reads I'm glad to inform you all that IMDb PHP Class v0.4 as just been released ! Check it out !

New features :
Added ability to follow HTTP redirects, "More Results" on the multiple matches page and a different method to get files from internet where added too. SQL abstraction hae been implemented in order to have one single API file to modify/distribute for all supported applications : PHPNuke, XOOPS or Standalone so far. You'll now have the prossibility to record Cast and Directors to database. Added Auto update cast and directors for movies already in database. Added Language file support. Modified "Tagline" and "Outline" RegExp patterns for more accurracy.
Feedback is gladly welcome on our support forums!
-- Genius for IPC dev team