Modules: Netquery v3.3 Released

Posted by: RVirtueon 2006/2/7 16:32:05 6308 reads
NEW Netquery Version 3.3 ("A New Face and More") See it HERE! Download it HERE! Discuss it HERE! Netquery version 3.3, the complete PHP/SQL open-source toolkit of network information utilities, introduces selectable stylesheet options and an entirely new interface for end users and for site administrators. Netquery CSS stylesheets, both those supplied (8) and any added by site designers, are all listed in the configuration control panel for administrator selection. In all cases, outputs are now displayed in styled tabular format and inputs now use form fieldsets with links to contextual user help available within each fieldset legend. This update is intended to enhance Netquery's "out-of-the-box" appearance and to make all editions more readily adaptable to various CMS themes and to the preferences of individual web site managers. (Admin interface screenshot.) All users are strongly encouraged to read the entire styles.txt document, or at least glance at its special notes for Xoops users.

All current Netquery editions are fully compliant with W3C XHTML 1.1 standards. (Validation at that level is contingent on CMS versioning and other external environment factors.) The Netquery v3.3 complete package download also includes updated GeoIP data based on MaxMind's latest (2006-01-01) free CSV release adapted and optimized for Netquery's SQL database operations. Netquery now requires PHP version 4.1 or later and it is fully compatible with PHP 5.0 and 5.1 defaults. If upgrading, please replace all existing files. Netquery's major features currently include the following: - client "sniffer" with GeoIP option, Resized Image - multidomain & IP/AS whois lookups, - autodiscovery for whois TLD server, - DNS and Dig (ANY, SOA, NS, MX) queries, - email address format & MX validation, - port check with services lookup option, - HTTP HEAD and GET requests, - ICMP pings (local and/or remote), - traceroutes (local and/or remote), - looking glass router interrogation, - usage log & "top countries" mapping, - updateable GeoIP & ports data paks, - user inputs with admin notice & approval, - multi-instance sideblocks in CMS editions, - full W3C XHTML 1.1 & CSS compliance. The administrator can enable or disable each feature individually and can configure local execution and/or a remote server script for the ping and traceroute features. The administrator can also edit all of the data tables used by the whois, port services and looking glass features and can allow site users to submit port services and exploits information for acceptance. Optional GeoIP and ports data tables can be downloaded and installed independently of the module core. Optional GeoIP and ports data tables can be downloaded and installed independently of the module core. For additional details, please see the Netquery Manual or go to the VIRtech Forums for discussion and answers.