Themes: Old Baseball Theme for XOOPS!

Posted by: seventhsealOn 2006/1/19 23:55:31 9464 reads
XOOPS @ IBDeeming! announces the release of a great new theme! This was developed for a great little youth baseball club. The site itself will be simple on the surface, with lots of backoffice functionality.

This theme relies on a lot of old "Baseball and Apple Pie" type coloring. If you don't know what that is, primary colors - Red's, Blue's and Yellow's. The White's aren't really white - more of a Smoke White or Lace White. The graphic elements are mostly contained to the title bar, however a few get thrown in from time to time. The rest of the site is mostly CSS driven. My guess is 80/20...for what it's worth. The theme loads fast, and seems to handle all of the standard, and hacked, versions on mods I've tried.

Resized Image Included is a blank logo.gif that you can modify for your site. Just edit in your favorite graphics package. Don't forget to check it out live at Olathe Youth Baseball, Inc.

Grab a copy today! Free for all to enjoy!